Wednesday, February 15, 2012


More Orkes Melayu with ORKES MELAYU SELENDANG JAKARTA, beautiful music on this one, ripped at a mouth-watering 320 kbps....



  1. This is a wonderful album. Thank you. I'm starting to consider that perhaps Indonesians have an extra music gene going on. Just saying.

    And by the way - any chance that one day you'll re-up ORKES MEDENASZ with ERNIE & LIESDA DJOHAN - BURUNG GELATIK? I'm obsessed with the opportunity to hear Ernie's sister sing.

  2. yes om selendang jakarta are quiet wonderful indeed! For the last few days I haven't been able to upload anything, the connection is so bad, I can't even send music files, single tracks via hotmail and yahoo. It's the rain season in full swing and I'm living outside the city in a small village in the mountains, only old telephone lines here, when it rains they get wet and the connection goes again.... Too bad because I've go so much to share, albums from The Singers, Harry Sabar and lots, lots more.... Hopefully things will get better soon, it's quiet frustrating this....

  3. well, i changed browser and it seems to have done the trick, still very slowly but so far it's working!