Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This came out a couple of years ago, I never posted it because I don't want to mess with peoples income but I checked, you can't find this any where anymore and I'm pretty sure the guys behind this got their money out of this so I think it's ok to post it now.... Very, very beautiful studio and field recordings of Mang Ayi and Wa Itok from the city of Subang with Toni playing the rebab and Ali playing the kecapi....



  1. hi madrotter!!
    my names srigala im half indonesian :) my dad was from bandung but i live in london,
    i use indonesian music for alot of my hip hop!
    and was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction for some of the stuff one here :)
    my soundcloud is
    check it out and see if you know anything that might work!
    you can contact me on here or fb (srig temples)
    thanks again for the lovely music :)
    peace! keep diggin :D

  2. he man, well you could try all the kliningan and jaipongan, that always works good for me, sample-wise....

  3. nice tunes by the way:)i like that follow me:)

  4. thank you man! i'll check them now :) yeah for sure how do i find you on soundcloud?
    i searched madrotter, couldn't find you but i found a track you produced was very dope :D

  5. there's loads of my tracks right on this site:

  6. great one...thank you Henk for all the fantastic music you share