Sunday, February 24, 2013


So, yesterday I posted this fine album, a lovely mix between traditional music from Congo and Christian music. I got a mail from Peter Graute, musician, producer, collector and the former owner of one of the greatest record stores my city of birth Rotterdam ever had, Backstreet Records, the place where I bought many, many punk albums when I was a 14, 15 year old kid back in the 70's...

He send me a link to this article:

What it says is that this record was one of the 10 records that influenced the members of Led Zeppelin!!! This record was the life-work of Belgium missionary Father Guido Haazen, who started a choir with 60 Congolese kids and called it Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin. They performed at the World-fare in 1958 and they became very succesful. The Clash were also influenced by this record....

I had no idea!!! So, thanks Peter for letting me know about this!!!!

I posted this with mediafire and OF COURSE they messed up the link, so here's another link:



  1. Madrotter, yang ini ngga bisa di download, harusnya khan di adrive bukan di mediafire.terimakasih.

  2. Haha, blijken hardrock en punk te zijn voortgekomen uit bekeerde katholieke negertjes olv een priester met losse handjes... Ik denk niet dat dit bericht erg welkom zal zijn bij de meeste ouwe rockers en punkers.

    iig weer bedankt, Henk!

  3. nou, als oude punk rocker vond ik dit toch best wel verrassend!!!! toen ik deze plaat kocht/op nam had ik echt geen idee!

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  5. I remember this from way back when and it's great to hear it again, scratches and all.

    Incidentally, and according to Wikipedia, "the album cover appears briefly in the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film 'A Clockwork Orange' as Malcolm McDowell's character, Alex, strolls through the record store."

    Yep, the album was very popular.

  6. yeah this quiet an album, knew nothing about it when i bought it. right now i'm a one-armed bandit, motor accident, oil on the road, probably from one of those horrible damri busses, BAM!!!! and broke the base of my left thumb, all plastered up, can't record vinyl now i can just manage cassettes for the moment.....

  7. Do you think you could make this file public again, if you get a chance?

  8. I second Frank, please make the file public again, orpossibly re-up?? Pretty please???.Anyhow thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Kris