Friday, June 5, 2015


Re-post 'cause the link went dead.... I put out this album at the end of 2005, I made all the music and worked with some 21 musicians/rappers from Bandung, Surabaya, Yogjakarta and Jakarta.... Cover is me and my grandmother somewhere in Rotterdam, around 1969....




  1. Fantastic! I will hear soon. Do you continue to make music?

  2. Very cool! Grabbing now thank you! I'm the one always commenting on all the 60s, garage, a-go-go, etc. type of stuff. Love your blog but had no idea you made music too. Awesome!

  3. thanks :) i'm afraid blogging is all i do these days, but an english rapper put out an album last year partly produced by me, for more, lots more of my music plenty of downloads on this blog, just check madrotter


  5. tracks produced by me:

    4. come together
    5. supposed to
    8. welcome funk fans
    10. mixtape shit
    14. sad srare of affairs
    16. going out there


  7. Bro, you are one talented dude. Im not really a big fan of rap but this one grabs me! Plus it has that shade of Miles Davis from the Bitches Brew or Jack Johnson era. Dense, multilayered and in the groove. Way to go bro, way to go.

  8. this music could only have come from the big heart of a big music ♡♫♡♬♡ lover …

    love the dub spirit in ‘Are you crazy’ … who is that very english voice? Sounds a little like Howard Devoto though it surely isn’t … very nice work MR …

    ‘pilihan dan mesin pemburu’ is also superb

    tonight i was ripping a John Barry LP! the very same version of ‘Diamonds’ it confused me not a little … lovely re-appropriation … my bro’s will shit their pants when they hear this!! Shame I can’t understand the lyrics.

    Superb work! Rispek!

    So where’s volume 2?


  9. Thanks Sheikh!, Hey Sissy Pissy! That voice in "Are You Crazy", I took that from a very old cassette, I recorded it from the radio, probably around 1982/83, no idea who it is, back then life was great, working in the daytime, freaking out in the night time, getting stoned and listening to music :) Pilihan was made for theater group Payung Hitam from ISTI, the University for Dance and Music, it was used in their production of the same name.... I could've made Voilume 2 till 5 at least, but I gave it all away (on this blog mostly), 18 Slingshots was about 5 years worth of recording, there's a few songs I would not have put on there because I recorded way better stuff but that was after the cd was out already....

    Been thinking about putting it out on vinyl, very limited, between 2 and 300 copies maybe....

    Now all I do is blogging, things have gone down so much in Indonesia freedom wise and smoking weed has become way too dangerous here, I wouldn't even know how to get it anymore.... I quit some years ago and with that all the inspiration (for making music) went down the toilet, but who knows, maybe the music making bug will bite me again in the future, with me, you never know....

  10. Link are dead, please re-upload. Thanks!