Monday, May 30, 2016


Went to see my buddy Ucok today, we've been good friends for many, many years. He goes by the name Morgue Vanguard and he used to be the frontman of legendary hip hop/punk outfit Homicide. And he gave me their latest release, on vinyl, only 500 copies were made. I said, shall I put it on my blog, maybe give one song or so? And he said, no man, put the whole album on there! So here it is.... As usual with these guys the album comes with some very nice extra's, a huge poster, a booklet with articles and history of the band and some patches that you can be sewn on your clothes

He's got his own record label now called Grimloc Records and they have many release, some really great music and lots more coming too, so if you're interested, you can visit them here:

Well have some projects soon, more on that later.....

And here's the album:



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