Monday, July 18, 2016


Now this is what treasure hunting is all about, found this today and I'm completely blown away by the music and singing from this incredible Japanese singer and actress, Chiemi Eri, incredible moody jazzy songs, songs she probably did on stage and covers from the Tennessee Waltz and Swanee River, 5 flexi discs, 10 songs in all....

From Wikipedia:

Chiemi Eri (江利 チエミ Eri Chiemi?, January 11, 1937 – February 13, 1982), was a Japanese popular singer and actress.

Eri was born as Chiemi Kubo on January 11, 1937 in Tokyo, Japan. She started her singing career at the age of 14 with her version of "Tennessee Waltz." She sang American songs such as "Jambalaya" and "Come on-a My House". Eri started her career as an actress similar to Misora Hibari. Eri, Misora and Izumi Yukimura formed a trio. In her concerts, she was supported by Nobuo Hara's jazz band.

Eri married Ken Takakura in 1959 but divorced in 1971. She released the single "Sakaba Nite" (酒場にて lit. "At The Bar"?) in 1974. The song was later included in the omnibus album "Enka no Kokoro".

On the afternoon of February 13, 1982, Eri was found prone and not breathing on the bed of her Minato Ward apartment in Tokyo, by her manager. Her cause of death was listed as a stroke with asphyxiation due to vomit in the trachea. A further report indicated that while she had a cold and had already been drinking, a combination of whiskey mixed with milk, as well as cold medicine that she had heated up may have had a role in her death.

Eri began her career as a singer at the age of 14 and would continue to record throughout her career. Many of her albums focused on Japanese folk music though she would often blend American standards with Latin grooves at the behest of Nobuo Hara, a prolific Jazz musician and leader of Eri's backing band.

Again, I'm completely blown away by Chiemi Eri and I can only hope I will find moore of her music in the future....

Hopefully I will finally have a scanner/printer this week, I'll scan the booklet then ok....

What do you say, Dolmance :)




  1. Whouaaa, you are super lucky to find this disc with this presentation! I like very much Chiemi Eri.

  2. You're on a tear. Thank you for this, and thank you for thinking of me.

  3. what a great find, chiemi eri always my favorite.
    not gonna miss this one

    makasih oom :)