Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Re-post, beautiful kliningan album from the greatest of them all, Titim Fatimah....

I've written about her already a couple of times on this blog, she changed everything for female singers in Indonesia and at one time she was just the biggest star of them all, riots would ensue if she showed up somewhere to do a show, if she was siging at a wayang show they would put her on an elevated podium, way above the other musicians and singers, even above the dalang (puppet player) that's how popular she was. If Indonesia's first president had important foreign guests he would call on her to come and perform for them....

Now, every album from her they mention the leader of her orchestra, Inen Saputra, but there was one other man behind it all. He recorded most of her albums and composed many of her songs. This man was Tan De Seng, one of the greatest composers, producers and musicans in Sundanese art. He worked with well.... with everybody really, the man is a legend here, and last week I actually met with him, at Gugum Gumbira's place, and we talked and talked, for hours, about Titim, about music and so much more, it was just amazing.....

Here's me talking with him :)

And here's Titim Fatima's album Pelita:



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