Monday, October 31, 2016


Fantastic tayuban cassette from the great Itih S. .....




  1. I've enjoyed this blog for a couple of years. I am sure I never thanked you enough. So, I used your link to google support and reported Pokergirl or whatever she was. Thanks so much for all the wonderful music. I spent my formative years in the Philippines, then lived in Japan, Guam, Okinawa, and all over Thailand. Also traveled the region so the stuff you post has special significance to me. I am now aged 60 and remember a lot of the musicians you post. It's like stumbling across an old friend.

  2. Thanks Ruben :) I was talking with Peter from the excellent Mongragplengthai blog and she was terrorizing his blog too, I had to manually remove 300+ spam comments from her yesterday and 200+ spam comments today after I wrote to her yesterday asking her if she could please stop this insanity... Very time consuming... Who knows how many other blogs were going through this madness! Her blog has been removed since today, who knows, she might come up with other ways to bother us all, that would be quiet typical I'm afraid.... There's a lot happening right now, somebody else told me that my blog is one of the very, very few music blogs still going here in Indonesia, people are being attacked left and right, heard that the Rumah Nusantara site (where you can't download music but stream it) stopped and people are now guessing it might be some of the old, non existing record companies behind it, but I'm not sure about that... Wouldn't surprise me at all, if you know how they operated back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, they would put artists under virtual slave-contracts, for example they would buy an artist a car, which in those years was quiet something, a car. They then had to make an x number of albums to pay off that car, no matter how succesful their albums were, and many, many artists were living in poverty because of these practices. Or they would pay them an x amount of money per album, never any royalties.... Some artists would then make albums under other names or with their names spelled differently for other companies under the same conditions. Some of the stories I hear sometimes are truly heart-breaking, the way how H. Dariyah ended up for example, thrown out of her house in her old age, they didn't even allow her to get her stuff out.... Or right now, Yoyoh Supriatin, very old and living in a dreadful small dirty house, no money, no nothing, nobody helping her out, and she was HUGE in the 80's, it's just terrible, and I've been thinking and thinking about this, won't leave my mind, what to do? How to help these people? One idea I've come up with is getting together with a guy I know who is going all over the place taking pictures and filming wayang events and such and try to seek out as many of these artist as we can find, do (paid) interviews with them and film them, also so that their stories and experiences will not get lost.... Maybe try to set up some events where they can come and perform so they can make a bit of money (and keep their pride intact).... I will be meeting with some folks in a while to discuss all this and all this will be talked about on this blog as soon as we are able and ready to do all this....

    Anyway, thank you so much again Ruben :)