Saturday, February 18, 2017


I want to give a big THANK YOU to long time visitor Dolmance. Earlier this week I posted a cassette from the Pengabdian Orchestra and he asked me a few things in the comment section about them, specially about one of their singers, Yuliatin... And that got me thinking, Yuliatin, Yuliatin, and I remembered that she did this album with Mus Mulyadi (yiu can find it on this blog link still works):

But still... in the back of my head I kept thinking about Yuliatin and suddenly it came to me. She was also one of the singers in Orkes Melayu Permata!!! Turns out I've got four albums that I haven't posted on this blog yet from them, took me quiet a while to dig them up but I found them, and listening to them now, recording them I can't believe HOW GOOD those guys were!!! This album is amazing and on it is one of what in my humble opinion is one of the greatest Orkes Melayu songs ever recorded, Jangan Kau Ragu, not with Yuliatin but with Ema Kusnadi, check it out, it's AMAZING:

So, again, a big thank you to you, Dolmance, I wouldn't be recording and uploading these albums now without you :)




  1. I'm so happy to help you out in getting Yuliatin out there. She's great. And fun too.

  2. Got another cassette from om permata with her, but the sound was bad so it's in water now with some other cassettes, surprising but it works you can really get the dirt out and not loose the sound that way :)

  3. great album...hatur nuhun uploadannya..kang henk...