Thursday, June 1, 2017


Outstanding kliningan cassette from Cucu S. Setiawat with the great dalang Asep Sunandar Sunarya leading his Giri Harja 3 Group....




  1. The audio quality on this one is absolute amazing! From listening to so many of the tapes you have posted, I have become so accustomed to the big distortions at every gong, and mostly hearing the rebab, kendang and sinden with rarely much details in the gamelan.. Hear you can hear all the details in the ensemble soooo well. I wish all the tapes were like these :) (The others one of Cucu S. Setiawat you posted in this batch were very good too) This music is, of course, amazing as well! Thank you!

  2. welcome :) And I guess it proves that my cassette player is fine, it's just that so many of these cassettes are old, the sound just gets bad, nothing I can do about that, these cassettes (from Cucu) are relatively new compared to most other ones, but I will post anything, no matter how bad the sound quality because now... you really cannot find these tapes anymore, really, I'm out there almost every day, hunting, but it's just.... and the sellers say it too, there's almost nothing to find anymore, too many tapes have been taken out of the country, a real real shame.....

  3. That's indeed too bad, but your amazing hunt is immensely valued! I love listening to everything, even when the audio quality is not as good as this :)