Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Here's a cool one.... This is a promotional album from Reynold Panggabean. Maybe this album came out on cassette in the 70's but it never came out on vinyl. I have no way of knowing how many of these were made, one? a hundred? two hundred? All I know is that this one is MEGA RARE.... Promotional copies always came out without a cover, but this one was in the cover of an album from The Mercy's, it looks like it was signed by Reynold himself (again, I have no way of knowing if the autograph is for real)....

Reynold Panggabean was the drummer in The Mercy's and he was married with singer Camelia Malik with whom he made a lot of dangdut albums. Camelia Malik is the sister from Achmad Albar with whom Reynold was in a fusion band called Tarantula, they mixed dangdut with rock and latin music....

Quiet a find!!!

Some pop songs, some rock songs and I specially like the song "Luar Biasa" which has a (short) drum solo in it.....



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