Monday, June 18, 2018


Re-upping this one, my very first album, 18 Slingshots.... This was the culmination of going into the studio with some 21 Indonesian rappers and musicians over the course of a few years and it came out in 2005, the cover was made by Morgue Vanguard (from Homicide) and Morgue is also the one who came up with the album title... And yes, that's me on the cover with my grandmother in Rotterdam around 1969... The Carlos Crudos Freestyle was recorded live before a small audience and the Pilihan Dan Mesin Pemburu track was made for theater group Payung Hitam and was used for their theater play by the same name... I'm now working on another album, all the tracks are done already, hopefully I'll be hitting the studio soon with a bunch of Bandung rappers....



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