Thursday, July 23, 2015





  1. Excellent WORK!!! THANKS A LOT....I'm going to Indonesia for 5 months, and i want to know about your favs vinyl stores....thanks

    Bruno from Argentina

  2. you're welcome.... and ehrrr, i'm sorry to tell you, but vinyl.... indonesia is emptied out of it's vinyl, it has been for quiet a few years, and since about 3 or 4 years the locals have started to collect, almost impossible to find it nowaday... you might try in jakarta, blok m there are some stores but they ask CRAZY prices and you being a foreigner, you will pay 4 or 5 times the normal price (if you're lucky) and even there you won't find much.,.... or jalan surabaya in jakarta but they are mostly emptied out too now.... the worst are those kids from filthy rich families, they buy EVERYTHING and sell it for mega prices again on internet, it's dog eat dog now, i'm not kidding.... I have my contacts and those i keep secret, took me years to build that up.....

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  4. off course....i'm understand....i really appreciate your advice....and i understand what you say about your contacts. Would you have any problem if I sent you some mail with some questions?...if you're interested to chat about music with a vinyl collector in the otherside of the world jejeje...and maybe we could help each other..(on my trip i will visit...indonesia, cambodia, vietnam and thailand)...i let you my email or something..if you want...

    THANKS A LOT FOR YOU TIME, and i'm sorry if i disturb you!

  5. no sweat :) just wanted to let you know the situation here.... too bad you're not going to kuala lumpur, there i know some good digging places, and don't worry, you're not disturbing me at all!

    oh, and check the visa regulations for indonesia.....

  6. hi henk...yes i check the visa regulations...THANKS....and...i think i can go to kuala lumpur for an "emergency stop" jejejeje now i must to convince my girlfriend (hard work, but i''ll try jaja) (this is my mail, if you want you can write so i can have yours....i'm starting a blog like this...but from my vinyls about music of LATINOAMERICA (Folklore, Cumbia, Cuarteto, Porro, Samba, etc) i think you'll like if you try jejejee

    good week for you my friend!
    ( send me an email if you want, and we talk more fluency for that way!)
    Thanks a lot, for everything...and keep in the path of the music jejeje

  7. hi
    Could you please re upload the download link. thank you!