Thursday, March 15, 2018


Here's Sandy Nelson's 1962 album Teenage House Party and this is the 1963 pressing from Imperial Records....




  1. Hey, me and Sandy Nelson went to the same school! His drug fueled teenage sex parties were a bit before our drug fueled teenage sex parties though.

  2. No shit? :) I wouldn't mind a drug fueled party right now, no drugs for me, can't do it in this country, too dangerous, to crazy, they've been on a killing spree Duterte style here, hate it being a total pot head myself....

    I love Sandy Nelson, managed to find a few albums so far they're on the blog (though I doubt the links still work)....

  3. I was reading the notes in back. We went to the same high school, separated by more than a decade. I can't look at those kids in the photos without laughing. We might have looked respectable, but we were completely out of control.

    What's this recent obsession with pot smoking in Southeast Asia? I just don't get it.

  4. Nothing recent about it, at least not here in Indonesia, one of my best friends here, an African guy, was murdered by police for possession of 0,2 grams of weed, sat with him for three days as he lay dying, carried him out with his dad, pretty traumatic experience, many, many friends who went through horrendous torture sessions, also for the tiniest amounts (and the ones doing the torture off their heads from meth), torture, rape, murder, extortion.... Wasn't like that when I first came here, 22 years ago, every discotheque was blue with weed smoke, cops would stand in the front and inside selling xtc, nobody got arrested, the Suharto dictatorship didn't give a shit if you got stoned or not, as long as you stayed out of politics, those were the days, you could get it everywhere, dirt cheap too.... And then "democracy" came and it all went to pot (pun intended), it's a combination of old sacks of shit in power, religion and the fact that the military and the cops make big money from it, so it would hurt them if it would be legalized.... Back when SBY became president two, not one but TWO special commissions were set up to investigate, see how hurtful weed really was, and both of these commissions came out saying, well... we can't find a damn thing hurtful about it and we would suggest to just legalize it... Caused quiet an uproar, right wing paramilitary Islamic organizations saying they would burn down all the government buildings if that would happen, vice-president Kala with his incredibly funny statement that it would never be legalized but that it was ok to eat it (as they do in Aceh)and the cops going crazy because of that statement..... I quit smoking pot here some 10 years ago when so many friends were getting caught, tortured, murdered, send to prison, wouldn't know how or where to get it now.... Similar story with alcohol btw which in many areas in Java is forbidden.... Result? Scored of people dying, getting blind, paralyzed etc. from self made alcohol, vague pills etc. .... Meth is wildly popular here, can't stand the stuff myself..... And the synthetic weed, tried it once two years ago, one of the worst death trips I've had, ever....

    Look at Portugal.... They de-criminalized ALL drugs and the result? Less crime, less users, less dealers but it won't happen here, not in my life time....