Saturday, November 26, 2016


Here are some great Bollywood 78's.... I can't read the song titles so I give the name of the artists singing and the person who made the music as song titles.... They're all in very good shape and there's some amazing music here....




  1. What a Rare stuff you are providing... bro I can understand what kind of efforts it requires for ripping a 78 RPM and these days 78s are almost disappeared from vinyl market.

  2. You've got that right, it's quiet a bit of work, I still have quiet a few 78's that I never posted even a few more Bollywood 78's and I will post those soon, it's very rare to see them here in Indonesia.... I guess India is now almost completely emptied out of it's records vinyl and 78's by foreigners, same here I'm afraid, same all over the globe, I heard horror stories about Western records sellers/buyers sending containers full from India to Europe and nothing or not much to do with love for music but all about money... Pretty bad.... I speak up about it a lot but it doesn't help much I'm afraid....

  3. These days in India records selling is very low and in the international market they fatch more money so many records enthusiastics in India have become record sellers. Yeah it is very pathetic situation I have huge collection of records but I know how it is difficult to get a mint record.

  4. It's the same thing here and pathetic is absolutely the right word for it.... It started about 5 years ago, since then there are many, many mostly young kids "collecting" but it's almost all for money, nothing to do with the love for music, it all goes for sell on internet for very inflated prices and it has made finding records much harder and much more expensive... The worst are a few guys, the come from upper elite families, very, very rich and they mainly sell to foreigners for absolutely crazy prices... I've been VERY vocal about how disgusting I find all this, the whole sale of Indonesian culture but you know how it is... money money money....