Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Nice 1970 album from Japanese singer and actress Saori Yuki....




  1. Hello Hello. If you are interrested i made translation of the tracklisting:

    由紀さおり Saori Yuki

    あなたと夜と音楽と Anata to Yoru to Ongaku To (You and the Night And Music and...)

    1 白い蝶のサンバ Shiroi chō no samba (White butterfly samba)

    2 Koi gokoro (Love Heart)

    3 ねぇ、あなた Néé, Anata (Aren't You)

    4 恋は水色 Koi ha mizuiro (Love has the color of the sea) (L'Amour Est Bleu - love Is Blue)

    5 青いベッド Aoi Beddo (The Blue Bed)

    6 知りたくないの Shiritakunai no (I don't want to know)

    7 好きよ Suki Yo (I Love it!)

    8 ベッドで煙草を吸わないで Beddo de tabako wo Suwanaide (Don't smoke in the bed)

    9 白い恋人たち Shiroi koibitotachi (Us, The White Lovers)

    10 サン・トワ・マミー Sans Toi Ma Mie

    11 男と女 Otome (A Man & A Woman) (Un Homme et Une Femme)

    12 爪 Tsume (Nail or Claw)

    And sorry if there is some little mistake cause my english is not very good

    À bientôt

    She make her version of L'Amour Est Bleu from André Popp
    another from Un Homme Et Une Femme de Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai
    and Sans Toi Ma Mie sung in 64 by 越路吹雪 Koshiji Fubuki and later by Imawano Kyoshiro (from the band RC Succession)

    It's only what i know, perhaps it exist other cover

  2. thanks :) you do know quiet a bit about japanese music huh :)

  3. Yes i'm going every 3 years in Japan since 20 years. I bring a lot of vinyls every time. and my wife is Japanese but we are living in Paris.