Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Well, I'm back home in Bandung, just for a few weeks, enough time to post lots of cool stuff again, starting with this fantastic jaipong/kliningan record from H. Idjah Hadidjah with the Jugala Group....

Link removed because of copyright issues



  1. Hey, look who's back! Nice to hear from you, hope you've been well. So you'll be off again in a few weeks?

  2. Hey Rev how you doing :) Yeah, probably in one and a half maybe two weeks I gotta go again, duty calls so to say :) Like I said, enough time to share a shitload of lovely stuff so.... stay tuned!!!

  3. I'm sure they'll be more than enough to keep me off the streets and the local police blotter! DJ work? Based on what I see/hear here, I'd hire you.

  4. :) Been at it, dj-ing for some 30 years or so, when I started out it was not all that different from what I'm doing now, all very mixed up, all sorts of genres but back then it was very hip hop oriented, not many dj's playing that back then, now I focus more on Sundanese traditional sounds, mostly jaipong, lots of fuji music, it's all about makin' 'em dance :) And thanks :) With a little luck I'll be doing a set that will be streamed on Facebook :)