Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here's a split cassette from This Heat with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh and Albert Marcoeur. Bought this many, many years ago, somebody borrowed the booklet that came with it and after quiet a few years I still haven't got it back:( Pretty rare this one, only 1500 copies were made, great, great music....

Bit of extra information I got off the net:

Line-up / Musicians

Side A:

Acoustic Guitar - Bernard Morain
Bass Guitar - Jacques Garret
Cello - Claudine Lasserre
Clarinet [B Flat, E Flat] - Pierre Vermeire
Drums - Claude Marcour
Electric Guitar, Guitar [Other] - François Ovide
Guitar - Stéphane Bonnet
Percussion, Keyboards - Gérard Marcour
Saxophone [Alto, Tenor, Soprano], Clarinet [B Flat, Bass, Contrabass], Percussion, Voice - Albert Marcour
Saxophone [Tenor], Bassoon - Denis Brély
Strings - Quatuor Margand
Viola - Annick Trehen
Violin [First] - Michèle Margand
Violin [Second] - Marie-Christine Desmonts

Side B:

Bass, Keyboards, Tape - Gareth Williams
Guitar, Clarinet, Viola, Flute - Charles Bullen
Percussion, Harmonica, Keyboards [Maestrovox], Keyboards - Charles Hayward
Xylophone [Gylli], Flute, Percussion, Voice - Mario Boyer Diekuuroh
Releases information

Cassette C35 Tago Mago Tago Mago 4753 (France)

Tape ,released by the French experimental rock magazine Tago Mago

Albert Marcoeur Side:
"Deux Lions Au Soleil" Extraits de la musique du film de Claude Faraldo, enregistrée à Hérouville (novembre et décembre 1979) par Laurent Thibault. (Mono recordings)

This Heat with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh Side:
Various cassette recordings, 1977-78.
Camberwell, Cold Storage, and live.
(Stereo recordings)

Limited edition of 1500 numbered copies.
Cassette with booklet in plastic bag



  1. wow! serious artifact right here. thanks as always!

  2. you guys are welcome, this heat has been a major inspiration through out my life

  3. you're welcome, one of my absolute favorite bands since.... ehrrr, 1981 i would think....