Monday, November 28, 2016


Well I re-recorded this cassette I've got from Niew Hip Stilen. They were a band from Rotterdam and the members were:

Maarten van Gent – bass, drums, guitar, percussie & vocals
Jan Willem van Mook – bass, sax, keyboards, percussion & computer
Rutger van Otterloo – sax, drums & percussion

Maarten used to play guitar in Rotterdam punk band The Rondos, and last year I jammed with him and with Marja from Bunker Oeso, another Rotterdam punk band from the late 70's/early 80's (and still active). First time in 20 years that I was playing drums and it went pretty well... Afterwards we talked a long time, also about this cassette and this cassette is a bit of a mystery. It was never released, there's a recording from their performance at the legendary Pandora festival in The Doelen, Rotterdam, September 2 1983 and I was standing in the front at that concert, and there's a whole bunch of instrumentals, also never released... I bought this cassette in Haddock Record Shop, a pretty cool record shop in Rotterdam, bought it around '83/'84 and they only had one copy, so I guess this isn't just a very rare cassette, it's an ultra mega super crazy rare cassette, and the music is FANTASTIC....



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