Tuesday, October 26, 2021


So, I wanted to record the Rita Tila jaipong cassette. I have two copies of that one, and as I started to record I realized that the tape inside the casing was not the right tape.... as I kept listening I was blown away by the music, kecapi, suling and sound effects, very modern sounding, really AMAZING music, so I thought I'd share it anyway, it's the cassette pictured just not with the right cover so I'm not 100% sure if this really is Nano S. .... GET IT HERE Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Henk - Fantastic recording, what a great find. Sometimes i hear Shakuhachi & koto in this? I know Nano S. composed many instrumental pieces in different styles & also in collaboration with Japanese artists. Would love to find out more about this recording.

  2. I really don't know, I was looking into the output from the Gentra Madya label but it's all pretty traditional stuff, great stuff but not as modern sounding as this is, but who knows? Might even be that somebody recorded something over this cassette? You never really know what you're getting when you're buying all these second hand tapes, I have boxes full of cassettes that have the wrong cassette in them... But anyway, I really am blown away by this one, it really is something else :)