Friday, October 7, 2022


Here's an 80's jazz pop/pop album from 80's Ambonese singer Ongen Latuihamallo, a promotional copy for radio stations.... He passed away while driving a car from a heart attack in 2012 and many people are suspicious about his death. You see, Ongen was a key witness in the murder of activist Munir who was poisoned during a flight to Holland in 2004. A witness declared seeing Ongen talking and eating with Munir and Pollycarpus (the man convicted for the murder, he died from covid two years ago) at Changi Airport in Singapore while waiting for their flight to Amsterdam. Ongen, who was often performing in Holland was invited by some Dutch churches to come and sing there. In 2007 he went to Holland for a tour again and upon returning to Jakarta two police men were waiting for him. Not because he was a suspect in the murder of Munir but as a key witness. While trying to transport Ongen to a police station they were attacked by two unidentified men who tried to kidnap Ongen but the police managed to fight them off and they ran away. After this happened it was decided to put Ongen and his family in witness protection with tight security... On May 2, 2012, Ongen Latuihamallo died while driving a car in the Blok M area, South Jakarta, due to a heart attack. His death felt odd because the family said Ongen had no history of heart attacks. Until now, many people are suspicious about his death, and the murder of Munir, who was a very, very brave and very much loved activist remains "unsolved".... Ongen Latuihamallo was the uncle of Indonesian r&b and soul singer Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo..... GET IT HERE Enjoy!

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