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Here's an album from Taiwanese singer Zhen Xiu Zhen that came out in 1977. More info in the comment section and a big thank you to Yoshio for letting me know who this is.... GET IT HERE Enjoy!

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  1. 甄秀珍 電影 跳躍的愛情 跳躍的季節(1977)
    Zhen Xiu Zhen - Jumping in Love(1977)

    Zhen Xiuzhen (18 January 1960-), real name Qi Li Cherry, is a Taiwanese actress, born in Taichung County, the son of a soldier.

    Acting career
    At the age of 8, she began to have rich stage experience. At a young age, she had already participated in countless singing competitions throughout the province and performed in many parties.

    Between the ages of 10 and 12, she won more than 100 singing competitions throughout the province. At the age of 13, she was recognised by a record company, which recorded her first album, "Lone Star", a lyrical song with a touch of bleakness, which was quite popular in those years.

    At the age of 16, she entered the China Television Corporation, and at the beginning, she mainly sang. She signed her first album "Rose Years" with Haisan Records, and sang the theme song of her first TV drama "Filial Daughter's Heart", and performed her first role as a copywriter for the first time, which made her one of the top ten singers in the Golden Voice Award of the year of 1975. Later, due to her beautiful appearance, she was invited by Taiwanese theatre producer Zhou You to be the female lead in the serial drama "Dream of Picking Stars", which led her to start her career in theatre and gradually gained popularity in the theatre industry. She was then invited to play the lead role in the drama series "Dream of Star Removal" by the theatre producer Zhou You, and gradually gained popularity in the theatre world.
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