Tuesday, November 14, 2023


Where Ever Freud Has Followed Me (I Felt Mama And Pa Go) Music and vocals by me, made around 1994... No title, music by me, raps by Greek rapper Empne, made around 2006.... For the life of me, I can't remember this rapper's name, I think it was Kenobi, he was from Los Angeles and he was somehow affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan, he had heard my work on Myspace, liked it and asked me for some songs to work with and he send me this one back, music by me, made around 2006.... Sickness, Music made by me, raps by Wrath from Spokane, Washington State, made in 2008... Zooloo Gestapo, an instrumental made by me around 2004.... Madness Analog, music made by me, raps by Bandung rapper Phrovsta.... Goethe's Dream, an instrumental made by me around 2006.... Enjoy!