Sunday, April 14, 2024


I remember the first time I bought this album, Lilis Suryani's Ia Tetap Diatas!! album. It was almost like buying drugs or doing something other illegal thing, which, at the time it actually was as this album was still banned, and very much so. Because of 1 song on it, the song Gendjer Gendjer which is about an old and poor woman harvesting some water spinach (which is called gendjer in Bahasa Indonesia), eating some of it and going to the market in the hope of selling some.... Innocent enough... Thing is, Gerwani, the female wing of the Indonesian Communist Party would always play that song at their gatherings, and communism has been forbidden by law in Indonesia since 1965 (and still is).... When I bought it the guy who sold it to me was really nervous, we went into a toilet together, door locked, and he made me promise that I wouldn't tell anybody that I got this album from him.... At the time having this album could still land you in jail, torture, maybe worse so him being so nervous is understandable I guess.... It's a very, very good album, beautiful music..... GET IT HERE Enjoy!

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