Thursday, August 29, 2019


Here's music made from the Codex Latinus Monacensis 4660, known better as the Carmina Burana, not to be confused with the beautiful Carmina Burana by Carl Orff that used the same source material, composed in 1935 and 1936....

The accompanyments reveal the extensive influence exerted on medieval European musical performance by Arab culture, instruments like the long-necked flute (balowa) and the hour-glass drum (darabukka) were used, so, I guess that makes this a very, very early example of exotica music :)

Bit of a confusing task to record this record, the A side is pretty straight forward but the B side.... It lists 13 songs on the cover, 12 songs on the label of the record but there's only 9 separate songs on the record it self, so I lumped a few titles together in the 16th song, probably made some mistakes there, but hey, you've got the whole record.....




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  4. Yep, you're sorry and off topic. Here's hoping 2019 sees the peak of sort of thing. Obviously ggl's security could use a serious upgrade. That said, this looks fascinating! Much appreciated.

  5. Yeah, well you know.... I've been in this game for quiet a long time now... Collecting, blogging etc, etc, etc. .... And like almost every other field it's filled with rats, bastards, assholes and also wonderful people. I started protesting, writing etc. about how super rich Indonesian elite kids got into the record collecting game, not for the love of music but for money, nothing more but money, buying up EVERYTHING and selling it for absolutely ridiculous prices on internet mostly to people outside Indonesia, there by depleting the little bit that was left after years of foreigners buying up everything, basically destroying Indonesia's cultural heritage.... Quiet a few of these foreigners doing it for the same reason as why these elite kids are doing it.... money....

    At a certain point I just gave up.... Ain't nobody listening don't nobody care (not that I have changed my opinion on the matter).... So yeah, I know the feelings of frustration...

    Don't know much about Thai music (even though I spend some 8 months in Thailand, way way back) , all I have is a double album from Sublime Frequencies, but curious none the less, I'll link your site, probably later tonight, gotta go now....

    And you're welcome Rev!