Friday, August 23, 2019


Lovely 7" from Lebanon, no idea who the artist is....




  1. Hello
    first, my English isn't very good so i'm sorry if i say anything wrong :( but i think you'll understand what i mean
    so i don't think this is from Lebanon, maybe the record made in Lebanon but i'm almost sure the music is from Saudi Arabia just like Talal Maddah songs you posted. and the label mentioned above can be translated to "folk(or popular) weddings distributions" i searched about it but it's totally unknown, and the reason i'm not sure if it's from Saudi Arabia because the singer is also unknown, unfortunately there isn't any information about this record anywhere, it's rare and will cost a lot so keep it safe ;)
    but i still can translate it:
    song name: leh bas ya ghali ليه بس يا غالي
    can be translated to "just why my dear"
    singer: Aora (or 3ora) Said (sa3eed) غناء: عوره سعيد
    lyrics: Sultan Aaqil (3aqil) كلمات: سلطان عقيل
    music: Aora said (the singer himself) لحن: عوره سعيد
    i hope this helped, and i hope you post more stuff from middle east and arabic records. btw i'm not arab, i'm Syrian-Kurdish :)
    if there's anything similar and you need help with it or translation feel free to contact me anytime

  2. Hi Blatenfotn, thank you very much for the information :) Your English is great :) It's very, very rare that I can find Arabic/Middle Eastern records here, I think they were probably brought by Indonesians who were either working there or maybe Indonesians who went on the Haj... Really, I'm always looking for them.... Soon as I find more I will post it!!! Also, I was thinking, back in the 60's sometimes Indonesian artists, when they got married they would press a very limited number of record to give to their wedding guests, they are EXTREMELY rare, maybe this is also such a record? Again, thank you so much and I hope you are doing well, thanks again!